How Do You Freeze Cookies?



Hi Kate, 

I heard that you baked a lot of the desserts for your wedding and my husband and I are planning to serve homemade cookies. I was wondering  how far ahead you made your deserts and whether you froze them. Thanks!

Kelly in IN


wedding cookies

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Hi Kelly, 

Barry and I did bake a number of the desserts for our wedding, and we made most of them about a week before the actual day and froze them. If you are planning to make cookies - especially a large quantity - I think freezing them will be your best bet. Here are a few simple steps to make sure they come out well on the other side. Good luck!

Step 1: Make sure your cookies cool completely before you freeze them (otherwise you will get condensation). 

Step 2: If your cookies are frosted or are decorated with something that could fall off put them uncovered on a tray in the freezer first and then, once they are firm, pack them together. 

Step 3: Wrapping is the key to freshness. Some sites recommend individually wrappings them, but this seems excessively bad for the environment and if you are only freezing them for a few days it is not necessary. What we did is take tupperware and stack the cookies with layers of wax paper in between. For large amounts of cookies it may be easier to use freezer bags, in which case I would still use wax paper and try to remove as much air as possible. 

Step 4: Take the cookies out 12 - 24 hours in advance, remove the tupperware top and place it back at an angle (so it covers about 2/3 of the container). This will allow the cookies to defrost without collecting condensation. If you are using plastic bags, you should probably unpack the cookies for the defrosting - but keep the wax paper between them until you are ready to serve.