Modern Love


Modern weddings provide the perfect opportunity to do something different. Not only are they a study in stark color contrasts and bold and edgy designs, but it also give you a chance to experiment with unique shapes, textures and minimalist decor. 

Try a fun approach with your wedding cake and top it off with a silhouette or a wooden topper designed to look like the two of you! Choose unique engagement and wedding bands in non-traditional shapes for a structured industrial look. You can really play up the modern look at your altar with a quirky central piece such as an old door or a row of photo frames suspended in mid air. Rows of flowers or kissing balls can be displayed in one color against clean white chairs for extra flair!

Image Credit: Silhouette Wedding Cake, Wedding Dress Shower Invitations, ForeverFiances' Modern Wedding Altar,  Recycled Sterling Modern Square Inline Ring, Anne Holman JewelryModern Wedding Altar, Red Veneer Antler and Wood Ring, Staghead Designs, Modern Elegance Invitations, Forever Fiances' Wood Portrait Cake Topper, Pokeberry Patch


Tailored Initials Invitation

ForeverFiances' signature paper is handmade from 100% post consumer waste paper - the paper we put in the blue bin. Their signature paper is also embedded with wildflower seeds so you and your guests can plant it and grow wildflowers! It is made with carbon neutral energy so these are some of the greenest invitations available. 

Purple Bridal Cards

Lumiere Invitations


Recycled 10K Gold Modern Square Band

Modern Earrings

 Twice offers hand-sculpted, unique pieces of jewelry. One of Twice's main goals is to raise awareness of the problem of plastic waste by both suggesting alternative ways to reuse plastic and promoting the use of sustainable materials as a valuable alternative for plastic. With any of the Twice creations, you will own a minimalist, eco-friendly, green, sustainable accessory.


Recycled Sterling Modern Square Macro Ring 


Cake Toppers

Why use a standard cake topper when you can customize one to look like you AND include your baby on the way? Using your images, instructions and descriptions, Poke Berry Patch will design a custom cake topper just for you. You will receive sketches before shipping so that you can tweak your topper to your liking. 

Wood Portrait Cake Topper is made to order to coordinate nicely with your green wedding theme. This cake topper says, "I cherish you dear." Cake toppers are made of select pieces of sustainable Poplar, a fast growing hardwood. They are finished with a natural resin and a light polishing using natural oils and beeswax cream. 



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