Rustic Romance: A Green Wedding In Hyde Park, VT


Emily and Kristen were married on July 17 at The Webster Barn at Sterling Meadows Farm in Hyde Park, VT.

Rustic Romance: A Green Wedding In Hyde Park, VT

Emily, of 4 Real Equality Weddings, and her beautiful bride Kristen, tied the knot at a rustic barn nestled in the Vermont Mountains. The charming barn, parried with the Vermont backdrop, were the visual focal points of Emily and Kristen’s big day. Tying together their appreciation of nature, and their love for one another, the wedding celebration was ecological and intimate. With countless rustic and romantic elements, the brides brought their dream wedding to life! 

Their Barn Green Wedding Venue

The brides were married in the open air, surrounded by the beautiful Vermont mountains. 

Two brides getting married in the Vermont mountains

After the ceremony, guests went back to party at the barn on the property. 

Brides outside the barn for their Vermont wedding

They stayed and partied well into the night! 

Rustic barn wedding venue in Vermont

Surrounded by 360-degree mountain views, the Webster Barn offered a basement full of used wedding supplies, free for anyone’s use! Supplying everything from wooden signs to lanterns and tiki torches, the barn encourages the use of recycled and reusable items. The brides happily contributed their used decorations for others, as well. With limited electricity and no air conditioning, the barnyard venue also saved on energy costs and pollutants. 

Inside a barn wedding venue at night with string lights

Green Wedding Invitations and Signs

Emily and Kristen sent out wedding invitations that were made from recycled paper. Their “thank you” cards were also printed on the same material. Emily’s sister made charming signs for the wedding day décor.

Wood wedding sign hand painted by the brides sister

Spelling out “For Real,” the handmade banner capture the first words Emily exclaimed to Kristen after she proposed.

For Real wedding banner

They also used ceramic signs - which are charming, intimate, and added a playful touch to the barnyard décor. 

Ceramic heart wedding sign

Green Wedding Transportation

Emily and Kristen cut the cost of transportation almost completely! The brides provided guests with a local school bus for transportation from the hotel. The wedding ceremony and the reception were both held at the barn in order to reduce carbon emission and transportation costs. They enjoyed a vintage pickup truck too - which made for awesome pictures! 

Two brides with a vintage pickup truck

Green Drinks

The couple knew that they wanted rustic and whimsical touches to their wedding. They opted for a red pickup truck to be used as decor, but also gave it a job. Guests sipped on fresh lemonade in glass beverage dispensers served from the back of the truck, which can be used again after the wedding. The creative centerpiece was a great pop of color, and its function as a lemonade stand was a unique, refreshing twist on your typical table.

Rustic lemonade stand on the back of a pickup truck

Eco-friendly Wedding Flowers

Keeping with the natural elements of the wedding, the ceremony’s flowers came from a local farm. The brides handpicked fresh and organically grown wildflowers, which bloomed with breathtaking color.  

Wildflower wedding bouquets for a barn wedding in Vermont

Green Wedding Menu

From oysters to pulled pork, the couple's dinner menu was not only popular, but sustainable. In order to create an unforgettable dinner menu, the brides supported small businesses by utilizing local farms, and serving only food that was in season.

The beer and wine came from local stores and breweries, which reduced transportation costs and supported local shops. After dinner, their guests enjoyed cupcakes in many flavors. 

Brides feeding each other wedding cupcakes

Green Wedding Decor

The charming table décor added yet another layer to the rustic wedding. For a natural and creative centerpiece, the brides used beeswax candles, which gleamed alongside mason jars that were used as glasses, and rich, potted plants. The earthy feel to the tables highlighted the natural elements of Emily and Kristen’s wedding day! 

Family and friends made the brides' wedding come alive. Working together to create the wedding décor details, Emily and Kristen’s loved ones came to Stowe early and transformed the barn into a warm and romantic wedding space. They hung photos from their romance all along the wall and strung up lights. 

Rustic table top barn wedding decor

Gifts That Give Back

In place of party favors, Emily and Kristen made a donation to the Human Rights Campaign. Not only did this cut back on the potential waste from gifts and packaging, but it also serves as a generous and well spent way to give back.

Donations in lieu of favors is a green way to go green for your wedding

Using fresh herbs from a local farm, wildflowers, and handmade signage, the couple achieved their dream-country look, while reducing waste and staying cost efficient. Emily and Kristen’s gorgeous green wedding not only reflected their values, but also their generosity and infinite love for one another.

All images courtesy of Authentic Eye Photography. Have a real green wedding to share? Contact us! 

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