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Amazon Reviews:

If you're in the early stages of planning your green wedding, grab this book and read it from cover to cover - you'll be buzzing with eco-inspiration!

If you've got just a few months (or weeks, or days!) to go, get a copy anyway and you can dip in and out of the clearly labelled chapters to find the tips you need.
(Katie Fewings Ethical Weddings Blog )

The Green Bride Guide: How to Create an Earth-Friendly Wedding on Any Budget is nothing short of a goldmine of information for any couple. Kate did a fantastic job writing it and deserves mammoth amounts of attention and thanks.
(Victoria Everman blog ) 

The Green Bride Guide has ideas that even the most eco-conscious might not think of, as well as very doable ideas for the couple who is just dipping their toe into going green. Written by an environmentalist who planned her own green wedding, the Guide goes surprisingly easy on those who are not prepared to go all the way with it but who would like to incorporate a few green elements. With clear-cut advice, not vague generalities, the author demonstrates that you don't have to sacrifice style to have a wedding that spares the earth.  (Jean Picard - Association of Bridal Consultants California State Coordinator)