Carbon Neutral Shipping On Every Purchase

Carbon-Neutral Shipping*

As a company, it is important to us to be as green as possible. Every time we ship a package, its transportation generates CO2 and other greenhouse gasses that contribute to global warming. To mitigate this impact, Green Life Guides, LLC has partnered with The Carbon Farmer to offset the carbon footprint of every shipment - at no cost to you. 


Carbon Footprint Defined

A carbon footprint is an estimate of how much a particular activity contributes to climate change.

Although many gases contribute to global warming, carbon footprints are expressed in terms of carbon dioxide (CO2) and the other gasses that we emit are converted to their carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) so that the footprint can be expressed as a single number. Greenhouse gases are measured by weight, so carbon footprints are usually expressed in pounds or tons.

One ton of CO2 gas could fill 130,000 gallons of milk or a 2,200 square-foot house. Most Americas produce about a ½ ton of CO2 gas every week by driving, and heating, cooling and powering our homes.

What is a Carbon Offset?

In the simplest terms, carbon offsets are a way to fight climate change by supporting projects that remove CO2 from the air or that reduce future emissions. Offsets work because global warming is driven by the total amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Therefore, whether you reduce your own emissions by a ton or you support a project that reduces emissions by a ton, the net result is the same.

Carbon offsets are somewhat controversial because they offer a mechanism for people to “buy their way out of the problem” instead of changing their core consumption patterns by driving less, turning the heat down, etc. However, our philosophy at Green Life Guides is that we should reduce what we can and offset the rest.

Shipping is an inevitable reality of running an online store and purchasing carbon offsets give us a way to neutralize that impact on the planet.

Why The Carbon Farmer?

Though there are many credible carbon offsetting organizations available to choose from, Green Life Guides CEO, Kate L. Harrison, selected The Carbon Farmer because of its reputation, methodology and practices. The Carbon Farmer operates transparently and has taken many steps to make a high quality product.

Each of The Carbon Farmer's Carbon Plus Credits are equivalent to the reduction of one ton of greenhouse gas emissions, created by the planting and care of about three trees on their family's farm, full of other benefits like habitat restoration in the Boreal region, and backed by their practices and policies to ensure high quality

The Carbon Plus Credit represents a home for the plants and animals that live in the Boreal region. The goal is to create diverse and dynamic forests that will be representative of the original Boreal ecosystem that once existed on the land. This will lead to increased biodiversity beyond plant life as insects, mammals and birds begin utilizing the habitat.

For every Carbon Plus Credit sold, they give $1.00 back!

The Carbon Farmer knows the importance of a healthy society, and they are doing their part to ensure the environment and communities we all share get the support they need. The contributions will be targeted to community groups, schools and other non-profit organizations who need funding for a project that will reduce their carbon footprint.

Each purchase helps sustain a family farm!

 Family farms are so important to our people, planet and profits because they:

  • produce fresh, nutritious, high-quality products
  • strive to preserve the surrounding environment for future generations because they live on or near the farm
  • guarantee the preservation of green space within or around a community
  • provide jobs and purchase goods and services within their communities
  • instill family values like community, respect, civic participation, and hard work 
  • help to preserve an essential connection between consumers and their food

Carbon Plus Credits will make an impact on the quality of the water we all share.

The trees growing in The Carbon Farmer's forests will lead to major positive changes in the cycling and storage of nitrogen. The system will be transformed from the open cycle in arable land towards the more closed nitrogen cycle in forest ecosystems. Water from old forests is generally of good quality with low concentration of dissolved nitrogen compared to other uses. Afforestation of former farm land is seen as a strategy to improve water quality, especially with regard to nitrate leaching.

Investing with Integrity

The basis for The Carbon Farmer's offsets are centered on CO2 Storage Assessments, with one metric ton CO2eq being equivalent to one Carbon Plus Credit. The assessments are completed for by third party firms and matched to the particular conditions in the area, including climate.

As an assurance factor, The Carbon Farmer also commits to not selling 10% of the assessed value. They only sell 90% of their third-party assessed carbon storage. The tons that The Carbon Farmer holds back act as a buffer pool to help ensure that they don't sell more Carbon Plus Credits than they produce.

In addition, to maintain transparency in their practices and operations, The Carbon Farmer has included a reporting system that shows the synthetic fertilizer and pesticide consumption for each forest. You can find these operations reports, which will be updated at the end of every calendar year. Their operations reports also include a comparison of the synthetic fertilizer and pesticide use that would have occurred if the land would have continued to be farmed conventionally.

*Free Carbon Neutral Shipping on registry orders applies to standard ground shipping within the Continental U.S. For express shipping, and shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and other countries additional fees may apply.

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