CarbonFree with is helping the fight against global warming, making it easy and affordable for any individual, business or organization to reduce & offset their climate impact and hasten the transition to a clean energy future. achieves its goals through:

  • Climate change education
  • Carbon offsets and reductions
  • Public outreach

This year the Green Bride Guide became a CarbonFree Partner with and offset 11.2 tons of CO2 emissions.

How do carbon offsets work?

A carbon footprint is an estimate of how much a particular activity contributes to climate change.

Carbon offsets fund renewable energy projects that reduce the amount of CO2 and methane released into the atmosphere. Offsets work because global warming is driven by the total amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Each offset represents the specific quantity of CO2 being removed from the atmosphere. Therefore, whether you reduce your own emissions by a ton or you support a project that reduces emissions by a ton, the net result is the same.

When you can't cut back, supporting these projects balances your own emissions, and contributes to a sustainable future for the planet. Calculate your carbon footprint!

Our Green Wedding Gift Shop Offers Free Carbon-Neutral Shipping!

As a company, it is important to us to be as green as possible. Every time we ship a package, its transportation generates CO2 and other greenhouse gasses that contribute to global warming. To mitigate this impact, the Green Bride Guide has partnered with Brighter Planet to offset the carbon footprint of every shipment - at no cost to you.