4 Quirky Details That Make A Wedding Pop

Alternative wedding bouquet

Image source: Rocknrollbride.com

Having an eco-friendly wedding isn’t as innately quirky as it once was. Today, it has become a wonderfully common occurrence, but that doesn’t mean your wedding has to be run-of-the-mill. Quite the contrary! It just means you have to put in a little extra pizzazz to make an impact. Getting creative with eco-friendly decorations means doing unusual things with natural objects, demonstrating your unique vision while honoring the Earth. The possibilities are endless—from unexpected floral displays to an outrageously unusual dress. As always, try to use as many locally-grown, recycled, and vintage materials as possible. Here are some ideas.

The Exotic Eco Dress

Sexy back wedding gown

Image source: Etsy.com, seller FROCKlosangeles

This dress is right out of an old French film. The cut-out is bold and asymmetrical, drawing attention to the beautiful modern lines and almost futuristic material. Speaking of the material, it’s sustainably made and whitened with vegetable dyes. It’s a Grecian dream!

Flower Ball Garlands

Flower ball garland

Image source: Greenweddingshoes.com

Why stick to traditional floral displays when you don’t have to? These creative flower and greenery balls are just the thing. You can make them in a variety of sizes and hang them from a single draped string (as pictured above) or hang one ball each from several strings, dropping them straight down from the ceiling. Using recycled Styrofoam balls will help you keep your flower globes round and lush, like little living suns.

Fabric Chandeliers

Orange fabric chandelier

Image source: Etsy.com, seller Adaura

Etsy seller Adaura offers these luscious hand-dyed fabric chandeliers. This is a great shabby chic accessory since it has gently frayed edges. Hang them from the trees outside for spectacular almost floral accents or hang them indoors to reflect the candlelight. The seller can make these in a variety of colors and fabrics to order. If you’re feeling crafty, use your own vintage material to make some fabric chandeliers by sewing the fabric in artful bunches and tying it to a round piece of wood. Or just hang the fabric from a tree or from your venue’s ceiling. 

Old Chairs Make Beautiful Decorations

Old decorative chairs

Image source: Bravobride.com

The paint may be peeling off these old chairs, but the charm remains thoroughly intact. Rustle up some beaters from your local thrift store or relative’s basement and give them new life as rustic wedding accents. I love the floral seat cover pictured above! Covering the seat in flowers has the added benefit of preventing an unwitting guest from sitting on a structurally unsound decoration.