5 Creative Uses for Wine Corks at Your Wedding

wine corks

Image source: Yamm & Hart

Wine enthusiasts and DIY brides alike can find many creative uses for wine corks. While some uses for corks may not translate so well to wedding planning, we have good news for wine enthusiasts! Don’t throw away those corks just yet - we found a place for them in your green wedding.

Wine Corks as Glass Charms

 wine cork glass charms

Image source: Camilla Fabbri Designs

There are a couple of different ways you can use wine corks as glass charms at your wedding. If you have enough corks collected, use them to create a charm for every glass at your reception. You can stamp them with table numbers to help you keep track of the glasses during cleanup. If you want them to double as favors, you can stamp them with your initials (i.e. C&E) and encourage your guests to take them. This will work even better if your glassware is also meant as a wedding favor for your guests.

Another more personalized way to use these as glass charms is to make them only for the wedding party. You can stamp them with your bridesmaids’ initials, or an image that is an inside joke between you and your bridesmaids.

Wine Corks as Decorative Candle Holders

wine cork as decorative candle holders at wedding

Image source: Alexandra Daley-Clark Photography

Take your table lighting to the next level at your reception! Instead of just displaying your wine corks in a large glass container in your home, you can display them at your wedding around the candles at your reception.

Wine Corks as Place Holders


wine cork place holder at wedding

Image source: My Wedding Favors


Do you want a  simple, elegant, and eco-friendly way to utilize wine corks at your wedding? Turn them into placeholders! You can get creative by using individual corks for individual place cards or tying up a few with a piece of twine to display the table number. Go the extra step with a personal touch: Use a wine cork from your guest’s favorite wine.

Wine Corks as Mini-Stamps


wine cork mini stamps

Image source: Lil Blue Boo

Create mini-stamps from the wine corks to have at the kids’ table at the reception. This is a creative way to recycle the corks and you will also keep the kids entertained during dinner and speeches.

Wine Corks as Cheese Knife Handles


wine cork cheese knife handles

Image source: Yarni Gras

Serving cheese at your wedding? Your guests will love these cheese knife handles made from wine corks. They will be a great addition to your kitchen after the wedding! Having a cheese and wine themed wedding or holding your wedding at a vineyard? Tell your guests to grab a cheese knife and take it home as a souvenir!