Fresh Start Catering for D.C. Weddings: Enjoy Delicious Food and Support a Great Charity

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Traditional catering is fantastic—your options are only limited by your budget and your tastes—but it’s also often wasteful and expensive. Many catering companies don’t recycle, they don’t use high-efficiency ovens, and they’re not focused on supporting local farms. While some organic caterers are socially and environmentally responsible, they’re also big business. Most aren’t giving back to their communities, they aren’t promoting social equity, and they aren’t changing lives. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s every catering company’s job to change lives, but when I see an organization like Fresh Start  Catering helping people by making excellent food, I get goose bumps. This is the real deal: a charity turned business that benefits everyone involved from the staff, to the trained chefs, to the local farms it supports.


What Is Fresh Start Catering?

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Fresh Start Catering is a project of DC Central Kitchen, an organization dedicated to helping those in poverty who are suffering from hunger or poor health. DC Central Kitchen has many ongoing projects: a food recycling program that redistributes food to those in need; a Healthy Corners program that brings fresh produce to underserved communities in DC’s “food deserts”; and a Culinary Job Training program that “prepare[s] unemployed, underemployed, previously incarcerated persons, and homeless adults for careers in the foodservice industry.” Giving people food is only a very small start. Teaching people how to cook, giving them life-long careers, now that is how to end poverty.


Fresh Start Catering and Your Wedding

Fresh Start Catering for your wedding

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Fresh Start Catering can cater a wide variety of events, including your wedding! They use local, sustainable ingredients, illustrating their commitment to helping the D.C. community grow. By hiring Fresh Start you’re supporting all of DC Central Kitchen’s projects: you’ll be helping them further their mission of using food to improve lives.


The Fresh Start Catering Menu

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In addition to all of the great work you’ll be supporting, you’ll also be getting an incredible feast. The Fresh Start Catering menu is varied and exciting from the roasted tarragon rubbed chicken salad to the seared crab cakes, stuffed mushroom caps, and local beef tenderloin.


“What fascinated me about DC Central Kitchen was how charity soon became a thriving business that benefited everyone, especially the marginalized—ex-cons, public school students, and local farmers—and that just by ordering from the right catering company, a person could do right.”


- Zeke Emanuel, The Atlantic



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