Outdoor Fall Weddings: Keeping Guests Comfortable in Cooler Weather

Fall outdoor wedding

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One of the greatest things about the fall is the colorful foliage. Of course, you can’t really see it if you have your wedding indoors. This leads many autumn couples out to the lawn but the cooler weather presents a potential problem: guests huddled together to conserve warmth. Feeling cold is no fun and it can really detract from the festivities if guests are uncomfortable. Cool autumn breezes are especially troublesome for older guests who have naturally lower body temperatures, but the cold weather shouldn’t deter you from having your dream outdoor autumn wedding. Instead, prepare for the chill by thinking ahead.


Provide Some Warm Duds a la Carte

Outdoor southern wedding

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No matter how many times you remind your guests to dress warmly, invariably some of them will arrive in sleeveless dresses, short skirts, and thin fabrics. Provide plenty of stylish jackets, knit ponchos, and shawls. You can raid your own closet for these items or ask friends and family to raid theirs. You should have at least one item for each guest. While this might seem like a lot, if the temperature really dips, you’ll need it.


Have an Indoor Refuge for the Faint of Heart

It is always a good idea to have your outdoor wedding near a building of some kind. The more integrated you can make the indoor and outdoor spaces, the better.


The Heated Tent

Pavilion tent

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If  your wedding is outdoors far from civilization, consider investing in a heated tent. It’s not the most eco-friendly option but if the alternative is a bunch of huddled guests cursing your outdoorsmanship, it may be well worth the carbon. Besides, if the temperatures stay tolerably warm, you don’t have to turn the thing on. This option is all about your peace of mind.


A Roaring Bonfire

Wedding camp

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If the heated tent is too much to handle, consider building a beautiful bonfire. Bonfires emit a startlingly large amount of heat and they provide beautiful warm light. They also present you with a whole collection of potential activities, from roasting wieners and marshmallows to telling ghost stories. Of course, make sure bonfires are permitted at your site and make sure you build one responsibly. Assume the fire will be a lot bigger than you plan and leave plenty of room for the fire pit. Remove all dried leaves or twigs that could be potential kindling and have plenty of water nearby to put it out if things go awry. You can always hire an experienced friend to build your fire if you don’t feel up to doing it yourself. 



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