Sophistication With Succulents

Succulent theme

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Succulents are uniquely beautiful. Their soft greens and blues evoke water and the desert simultaneously. They grow in arid climates, far from life-giving rains, and yet there is no plant that looks healthier and more full of moisture and life. Succulents store moisture in their thick leaves. They can live for months without being watered and they last for many days detached from their roots. As such, they are the perfect plants for wreaths, garlands, bouquets, and wedding sculptures.  They are also inexpensive and come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and textures. Some succulents have leaves that look like rose petals and they curl in round, romantic blossoms. Others have long, broad, red leaves, like a thick, otherworldly orchid. They can work within many different types of themes and venues—from rocky winter beaches to summer picnics.


Variety of succulents

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Succulents are easy to take care of and they live for a long time. As such, they are perfect favors for plant lovers and plant-a-phobes alike. Anyone can care for a succulent! Include a card on recycled paper with care instructions and rest assured that your gifts will grace the windowsills of guests for years to come.

The Bouquet

Bouquet with succulents

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Succulents make stunning and unusual bouquets. They’re exotic with complicated textures and shapes. Since most succulents come in a variety of greens, you can combine many different species and still achieve a unified look. Succulent bouquets are true to their name: luscious, rich, and mellow.

On the Cake

Fondant succulents on wedding cake

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It may seem strange, but succulents look, well, succulent! Arranged just so on a crisp white frosting backdrop, they’re so full and rich they almost look like confections themselves. Frosting flowers actually look more like succulents than like their petaled cousins so combining live succulents with frosting flowers will look perfectly natural. (The succulents pictured above are actually made from fondant! Could you tell? I couldn’t!)

In Your Hair

Hairpiece with succulents

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Wearing flowers in your hair is the oldest trick in the book. Why not give your ‘do some originality and pizzazz with a ripe, green succulent! Tuck one behind your ear for a pretty, demure look, or weave them into a complicated up-do for something a bit more outrageous.

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