Our Green Practices

The Green Bride Guide website is published by The Green Life Guides, LLC -  a company that is committed to "walking the walk" (to being as green as we possibly can be.) The following are some of the ways we incorporate our values into daily life at The Green Life Guides, LLC.

Green Certifications
We have been a member of Green America (formerly Co-Op America) since our incorporation in 2009.

Supporting Renewable Energy
Our hosting company uses 100% wind power. This website is carbon negative, which means we actually ADD electricity back to the grid! We also provide visitors with a carbon calculator, so you can quickly and easily calculate the carbon footprint of your event and offset it. Brighter Planet invests the money in a diverse portfolio of projects, including tree planting and renewable energy projects. We chose them because of their outstanding reputation in the environmental community.

Paper Products
ALL of The Green Life Guide's paper goods are 100% recycled with as much PCW content as we can find. Our business cards and thank you cards are printed on 100% PCW recycled paper with soy inks. Whenever possible we communicate via e-mail and pay bills online to minimize waste.

The book, The Green Bride Guide: How to Plan an Earth-friendly Wedding on Any Budget was printed on FSC certified recycled paper. This saved 142 trees, 99 million BTUs, 51,862 gallons of water, 12,495 lbs of greenhouse gases and 6,660 pounds of solid waste. For more information see the dedication page of The Green Bride Guide or visit www.fsc.org. When you buy the book directly from the author, Kate ships in a recycled paper mailer with vintage stamps.

In Our Office
Our office recycles everything it can, and was renovated with VOC-free paints and recycled carpeting. All of our furniture is vintage or repurposed.

Vendor Selection
Transparency is extremely important to us. Every vendor in our directory has been carefully screened by our staff and we have developed a green leaf rating system to assess each company's commitment to the environment. Leaf ratings appear on each business listing in our directory. Vendor who do not initially qualify for our directory are given tips and tools to help them green their businesses and get listed. This rating system educates both readers and vendors about the green business practices being implemented in each sector of the wedding industry.

Product Selection
Both our Registry and Wedding Shop are full of items that have been handpicked by our team of experts for beauty, quality and environmental savings. Every product is well-researched and most are tagged with country of origin, eco-certifications, and eco-strategy so you can quickly assess its social and environmental benefits. We are committed to working with and supporting small-scale sustainable businesses and independent artisans.

In addition, we provide carbon-neutral shipping on all items purchased from our shop, at no extra charge to the customer.


Supporting Recycling
The average wedding in the United States produces between 400 and 600 lbs of garbage! To help decrease the impact of these events, we have created a recycling & donation page, where couples can find everything from local thrift store listings to how to donate their gowns for breast cancer research. If you have another resource you would like added to this page please let us know!


Live Events
The Green Bride Guide attends many speaking engagements and trade shows around the country throughout the year. In an effort to mitigate the impact of this travel, we use public transportation whenever possible and offset all air travel.

Our trade show booth is made entirely of sustainable materials. The recycled cardboard trees create the structural stability for the booth. Green designer, Andee Ferrer, and Zach Rotholz of Chairigami utilized the inherent strength of corrugated cardboard while allowing the entire booth to be flat packed, saving on shipping cost and lowering the booths environmental impact.



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