Looking for green wedding vendors in your area? This directory offers links to eco-conscious bridal salons, reception venues, spas, photographers, transportation, and more! Use the navigation tool on the left to narrow your search or click a box below to get started. We are adding new vendors every day, so be sure to check back frequently.

Take 1 part frustration, 2 parts confusion, mix well and that is your usual method of figuring out your bar tab. Or you can just use this!

Most weddings have over 150 guests coming from all corners of the earth to celebrate. Unfortunately, all of that travel contributes to global warming. Tread lightly on the earth by using this tool to calculate the carbon footprint of your event and offset it.

Why not have the gifts you get give back? Use a charity portal to set up your registries! 


In the digital information age no wedding is complete without a wedding website. Use your site to post directions, schedule events, suggested lodging, your registries and more.

Worried about where to seat crazy cousin Bobby? Want to make sure that single friend has a good time?  This tool, rated one of the 75 best wedding sites by Brides Magazine,  will help you work out the details.

Whether you want to scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef, or spend a week lounging on white sand beaches in the Caribbean, the Green Bride Guide has the perfect eco-friendly honeymoon package for you.

One of the new things in wedding planning is having a registry for your honeymoon, not just for gifts. Use these systems to register for your honeymoon or just for things you want - like dinner at your favorite restaurant, or art classes!

The average wedding produces almost 600 pounds of garbage and a lot of what is thrown away can be recycled. Click here to find local resources to help you decrease the impact of your big day.

Wondering how many pretty pennies your wedding will cost? Find out what the average cost of goods and services in your area is and then read The Green Bride Guide and search this site to find ways to knock 40% off of the total!

Looking for an invitation? Choose an eco-friendly paper invitation with a free matching wedding website, or use a digital invitation to minimize your environmental impact.