Beach Stone Drink Chillers


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Ice is often added to a drink to drop its temperature, but too much cold closes down the flavors of fine wine and spirits as it dilutes them. These clever and unique Beach Stone Drink Chillers solve the problem without mess or fuss.

  • Set of 6 lovely smooth granite stones in a handsome hardwood base
  • Comes nicely boxed with two tumblers
  • Granite is exceptionally dense and scratch proof
  • The Chillers never flake or leave deposits in your glass
  • Cools in a highly efficient manner
  • A wonderful gift for all lovers of fine spirits

Why We Love It

This attractive, engaging and practical gift is a pleasure to see and use. It looks graceful on bar or countertop, fits easily into the freezer for chilling, and brings a touch of the beach into your home. It also comes nicely boxed with two tumblers.

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