Eco-Kitty Play Set

Eco Kitty Set has everything environmentally friendly cats want to play with
Eco-Kitty Play Set Cat Nip Felted Mice
Image of Treat Tin with cat playfully batting it around
Image of a square cat nip pouch
Orange and Blue fish shaped cat nip toys
Eco Kitty Set

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USDA Organic, Oeko Tex
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Your cat will think she's hit the feline jackpot when she sees this fabulous collection of toys and treats! Our super Eco-Kitty Play Set will appeal to even the most aloof of domesticated divas. The Fish for Cat duo features two fish toys that are sure to entertain. An eight-piece retro-designed mouse toy set guarantees kitty thrills for hours, and is made from recycled felt filled with all natural organic catnip. Another sturdy catnip pouch is included for additional hours of play. The pieces d'resistance are gourmet salmon treats made with the finest salmon, broccoli, cauliflower, blueberries, apples, cranberries, alfalfa sprouts and parsley for a super-tasty, anti-oxidant rich delicacy that's conveniently packed in a 6 oz. vintage reusable tin.

Twelve piece play set includes:

  • 2 Fish for Cat Toys, 8 Felt Mouse Catnip Toys, One Catnip Pouch, plus 1 Salmon Treats Tin
  • Made with recycled, reusable materials; Okeo-Tex certification
  • Certified organic catnip

Why We Love It

This Eco-Kitty Play set is made from 85% recycled fabric with compete Okeo-Tex safely certification, making it safe and sustainable. Okeo-Tex is a global testing and accreditation program for the screening of harmful substances in consumer textiles.

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