Green Wedding Professional Certification Course

Green wedding planner course online
Green wedding planner course online

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Take the leading green wedding certification course in the industry with environmental attorney and Green Bride Guide CEO Kate L. Harrison. 

In a time when overall wedding spending is decreasing, green wedding spending is actually on the rise. Over 70% of engaged couples are seeking green alternatives. A Certified Green Wedding Professional has the knowledge and resources to help couples make eco-friendly choices throughout the planning process.

The Green Bride Guide has create the country's most popular Green Wedding Professional course to teach wedding professionals everything they need to help clients make the decisions will reduce their weddings environmental impact. 

How it works:

  • Learn from home with this self-paced online course
  • Watch 5-10 minute video slideshows on every part of the wedding planning process presented by Kate L. Harrison  
  • Read along in the Green Bride Guide book at your own pace
  • Take self-graded quizzes online that test your knowledge but do not "count against you." This is about learning! 
  • Ask Kate questions in real time if you need help
  • Find local vendors and build a database you can share with your clients
  • Create an action plan for greening and marketing your company
  • Complete a final project
  • Submit your work for feedback and grading
  • Get certified! 

Online course choose from two pricing options:

  • $195 - Professional Student Discount: Includes course only no directory listing or book
  • $395 - Course for professional wedding planners.

In this course, you will:

  • Learn the definition of a green wedding and its place in the history of the environmental movement
  • Gain an understanding of the huge environmental impacts of wedding planning
  • Study the importance of environmental certifications and the dangers of greenwashing
  • Explore eco-friendly solutions to wasteful planning practices
  • Connect with companies in your area to build a reliable network of local green vendors
  • Discover ten easy steps you can take to green your event planning business
  • Learn techniques for incorporating the green message into your marketing

Upon completion, you will receive:

  • Green Wedding Professional seal for use in your marketing collateral and on your website
  • Printed certificate of completion for your office
  • Note: Members of the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC) receive 2 points for completing the course. 1 point is for education and 1 point for leadership.
Required Reading:
What people are saying:

"I enjoyed the online instruction.  Each slide was filled with valuable information." Jodi Gagne 


"This course was extremely informative and I love all the options and ideas provided for using alternatives to the every day items!" Nikki Smith 


"I have been in the wedding industry for over 17 years, and in that time have taken many classes, seminars, courses, etc.. to increase my knowledge of the wedding industry and all things related. I recently contacted the Green Bride Guide for another such course for certification. Not only was the book a great and valuable read, but the certification course was outstanding. Any questions I had were not simply sent to a faceless phone operator, but the head of the company called to speak with me directly! Rarely do you get personal attention from such a company and NEVER do you get the head of the company being the support for new students. She was very prompt in response and guided me though everything to a successful certification. I highly recommend this company, but more than that, I applaud Kate for being one of those rare professionals that are genuinely concerned with their product and client! Thank you so much for your support." - Kelly L. Moore, PBC., Owner, Ambiance Event Planning & Floral Designs 

"Thank you for a great course, and superior communication with me throughout the entire process." - Brandi Dugagan, Country Sugar Events

"Thank you for sharing your passion and educating me on the options for eco-conscious alternatives.  Wow! It is truly easy being green." - Michelle, Student at LIVE Green Wedding Planner Certification Course

"The best thing is that it gaves you the tips to go green and encourage you to find green vendors. Tips for marketing. A lot of examples and websites to find greener options.A call to action. It is not so important to do everything or the most ecological things but to do our best to reduce our footprint with a lot of practical and easy tips." Eva Macaya

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