Soft Bamboo Spa Towel Set

Soft Bamboo Spa Towel Set: Blue Indigo
Soft Bamboo Spa Towel Set: Natural Undye
Soft Bamboo Spa Towel Set: Sage Green
Soft Bamboo Spa Towel SetSoft Bamboo Spa Towel Set: Blue Indigo

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Carbon-Neutral Shipping

This spa towel combo includes 1 bath towel, 1 hand towel, and 1 face towel.

Why We Love It

These soft bamboo towels offer a great taste of eco-luxury. Bamboo possesses several attractive qualities; it is biodegradable, breathable, as soft as cashmere and four times more absorbent than cotton. Not only that, it is a perfectly sustainable resource. The plant requires no fertilizer, irrigation or pesticides, doesn’t need to be replanted and can grow up to one meter per day!

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