Vegetable Garden Starter Seed Set

box with organic vegetable seeds
Vegetable Garden Starter Kit

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USDA Organic
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Organic vegetables are in your future with this fabulous Vegetable Garden Starter Seed Kit. It includes everything you need to start growing the freshest and most delicious vegetables you've ever eaten. The kit contains a carefully chosen set of 9 classic organic vegetable seeds that are easy to grow, lovely to look at, and yummy to eat.Before you know it, you’ll have a garden filled with edible art that adds color to your life as well as your diet! 

  • Certified organic seeds for 9 organic vegetables
  • Seeds include: lettuce, radish, carrot, tomato, onion, snow pea, nasturtium, and beans
  • Eco-friendly rubber garden hose is 50' long with adjustable 20' wide spray

Why We Love It

This smart gardening set helps anyone begin a healthful organic vegetable garden. Sow your organic seeds, and let nature take its course. Enjoy cooking with your own garden fresh veggies, knowing that you used implements and accessories made of natural or recycled materials that help preserve the environment. 

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