Quick Guide To Necklines

Asymmetric: The one shoulder look has been very popular this year and it can make you look like a goddesses.  However, the cut makes a bra difficult and extra pounds can bunch on top of the line if the top is too tight.  If you are thinking about buying a dress like this be sure to practice reaching and bending in from of mirror first.

Asymetric Neckline

Boat: A boat neck, or bateau, draws a graceful line from the top of one shoulder to the other. Because it outlines the entire frame it is best on women with naturally narrow shoulders and slim upper arms.


Halter: A halter top dress has a single strap that starts at the armpits and wraps around the back of the neck creating a delicate line. The interior triangle accenting the décolletage.



Off The Shoulder: With its sweeping line, this look draws attention to the shoulders and upper chest.  It looks particularly nice on full figured women. 

Off the Shoulder


Scoop: A gentle neckline that swoops from one shoulder to the other in a perfect semi-circle.  This sweet neckline often tops ball gowns and completes the Cindererlla fairytale wedding look. 



Strapless: A classic neckline that shows off the shoulders and is often paired with a choker necklace.


Sweetheart: A sweetheart neckline looks like the top of heart.  It looks particularly good on curvy women, as it accentuates the feminine form without revealing too much.  This neckline works well with many different necklace styles.


Square: The square neckline is great for petite women.  It is elegant and simple and works with many different kinds of necklaces. 



V-Neck: A plunging neckline that comes to a perfect v in the middle of the chest. This neckline looks good on almost everyone, but can reveal more than intended on bustier frames.  If you choose a V-neck consider having a built-in bra. 


Fashion Illustrations by Victoria Dominguez