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Thank you for your interest in having your wedding featured on the Real Weddings page of

We believe that seeing pictures and reading stories from real weddings is inspiring and helps couples who are on the fence about whether to include eco-friendly elements in their event see that there are beautiful green options for every style and budget. Your contribution matters!

Here is what we need to create a post about your wedding:

1. Your names

2. The date and place of your wedding

3. Info about the two of you as a couple that you'd like to share: how you met, what you do, etc.

4. Why did you decide to make green choices for your wedding day?

5. A description of any eco-friendly or DIY elements you incorporated: from local, seasonal flowers or repurposed mason jars to DIY place cards, wear-again attire, or handmade jewelry, try to include as many as you can.

6. The names and web addresses of any vendors you'd like to credit.

7. Your wedding website or blog address, if you had one.

8. Final thoughts you'd like to share with our readers; perhaps a reflection on the green elements of your wedding, or what you thought about the planning process or final outcome of your eco-friendly choices

9. Pictures! Several of the two of you, pictures of any of the elements you've described above, and any additional pictures you think might help portray the look and feel of the day (or a link to a photo site).

Please send the information to and attach pictures in JPEG format (or include a link to a photo-sharing site where they can be found).

Within a few days of submission you will receive a confirmation of our receipt of your wedding, and we'll let you know if it's been selected to be featured on the site with a potential publication date. We'll also follow up with any additional questions to make sure we have all the details we need!

Thank you again for contributing and congratulations on your marriage!

All the best,

Kate & The Green Bride Guide Team

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