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colorful recycled glass bowls in a stack
Wedding present luminous recycle glass serving bowl
green, blue and yellow recycled glass dessert bowls are summer colors
recycled glass Raindrop Tea Light Holders in Plum
Bluebird of Happiness Tea Set
handmade Pink and yellow beaded napkin rings
Forest Pendant lamp shows leaves and paper branches
Wood pasta fork fishes pasta out of boiling water
five small spoons offer everything you need for appetizers and desserts
This eco-friendly wooden spoon set has the perfect spoon for every situation
Handmade Glimmer Glass Ruffled Plates are perfect for every dining room table
Mission Sconce (Small)
Glimmer Glass 16 oz Tumbler in Ocean
recycled glass Salad Bowl holds fresh organic greens
These recycled blue glass bowls have a pie crust edge
GLimmer Glass Horizon Bowl is made of recycled glass and is perfect for pasta.
Teal and Sunrise Tea Lights with beeswax tea light candles
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