Coconut Lemongrass Lollipops (25-count)


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Carbon-Neutral Shipping

These lollipops are made of unsweetened, organic coconut with a fresh lemongrass base, bumped up a notch with some fresh lemon zest and a sprinkle of extra coconut. These unique ingredients create a delicious and refreshing treat for your wedding guests! *2-inch diameter in size *Order in batches of 25 lollipops

Why We Love It: 
The Groovy Baker makes her handmade lollipops by combining local, all-natural ingredients like pure cane sugar, herbs, and spices into copper pots. She creates the sweetest and freshest confections without artificial flavors or corn syrup. Whenever possible, she tries to use eco-friendly, recyclable packaging and soy ink to deliver these unique and memorable treats.
Shipping Time: 
Item will ship 2-3 weeks before your event date.