Icicles Choker


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Carbon-Neutral Shipping

Sustainable recycled plastic and stainless steel choker. Uniquely handmade.

Why We Love It: 
Diamonds last forever, and so does plastic. Twice is a small handcraft business specialized in sustainable jewelry. One of Twice's main goals is to raise awareness of the problem of plastic waste by both suggesting alternative ways to reuse plastic and promoting the use of sustainable materials as a valuable alternative for plastic. Twice offers hand-sculpted, unique pieces of jewelry. With any of the Twice creations, you will own a minimalist, eco-friendly, green, sustainable accessory that will satisfy the fashion needs of your eco-chic lifestyle. With the purchase of any of Twice’s pieces of jewelry, you will receive a beautifully packaged gift that will last forever, just as plastic does.
Shipping Time: 
3-10 days