Plantable Paper Dove Confetti (100 ct)


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Carbon-Neutral Shipping

This seed paper is handmade using recycled paper- very ecofriendly! It is made with a blend of wildflower seeds that is mixed into the paper making process. You can see a multitude of seeds in every little confetti piece!

Doves are measured approximately 1 inch wide. Please view photos with a quarter for size comparison. 

Why We Love It: 
Plantables & Paper products are made with recycled paper from their shop that is transformed by hand to create new plantable products. Their seeds range from herb seeds to wildflower seeds that will regrow year to year. Their clay products are made using natural soil ingredients with a healthy helping of seeds in each. Their biodegradable confetti line is 100% recyclable and non-toxic.
Shipping Time: 
5-7 days