Tiffany Necklace


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Carbon-Neutral Shipping

A strand of potato pearls is paired with a 10mm CZ spacer to create this elegant and timeless necklace. 16" with 2" extender.

Why We Love It: 
Eco Opulence proudly offer freshwater, Tahitian, Australian South Sea and Philippine Golden South Sea pearls. Their pearls have high luster, minimal blemishes, and thick nacre. They have not been dyed, irradiated, coated or treated in any way. All pearls are 100% organic. The pearl is valuable and can be worn straight from the oyster, without polishing, harsh refining or processing like other gems. The cultivation of their pearls requires the preservation of the ecosystem.  The water must be pristine, the land around it must be undisturbed and the air clean.  The slightest change in water temperature, salinity, pollution and current can kill the oysters. In fact, the cultivation of  pearls is the only industry that requires man to preserve and protect the environment. It is also 100% sustainable. Once the oyster has retired from pearl production, it is consumed.  Its shell is reused for a younger oyster's habitat or jewelry. These pearls are not only eco friendly, they are a product of a partnership with the environment. They also use metals that are recycled and re-purposed in many of their designs.
Shipping Time: 
3 days